Engaging All Learners!

Response to Intervention (RTI) in the Alberta Context Team Action Plan

Working together for the success of every student in an inclusive education system is an important principle of Action on Inclusion. Response to Intervention (RTI) is a research-proven framework with potential to create enduring improvement in schools.

This framework is built on a process of identifying students at risk, pinpointing highly effective strategies specifically designed to address the students' areas of need, implementing the strategies with fidelity, and using assessment to determine progress and adjust instruction. Tiers of increasingly intensive intervention are designed and implemented to address students' varying needs. When implemented as a school improvement framework, RTI has the potential to transform schools into highly effective learning environments.

This workbook, based on A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions is intended for district leadership teams to explore strategies to support implementation of RTI – focused on how RTI aligns with other district initiatives.