Supporting FNMI Student Success (with Debbie Mineault)

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Our Ways our Words

The focus of this four-part series is to address the question: "How do I develop appreciation and respect for FNMI culture, history and worldview in my classroom?" Debbie Mineault provides a unique experience combining personal insights and infusion of FNMI culture and language using Alberta's programs of study, Our Words Our Way and other resources. In this archived webinar series you have the opportunity to deepen your awareness of cultural beliefs that affect teacher choices.

Our Words Our Ways is a primary resource for Supporting FNMI Student Success webinars and is available in PDF format from Alberta Education.

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About the Facilitator

Debbie Mineault

Debbie Mineault has completed her Masters Degree in Elementary Education and is an education manager with Alberta Education. Debbie provides support to implementation strategies of the FNMI Education Policy Framework, including advice and support to school jurisdictions, FNMI Education Authorities for the three treaty areas and the M├ętis settlements in Alberta.

This resource was developed by ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.