Engaging All Learners!

Strengthening Inclusive and Instructional Practices: Literacy and Numeracy Content Coaching

Literacy and numeracy are foundational to learning. This means going beyond the basic skills of reading, writing and solving simple mathematical problems to acquiring, creating, connecting and understanding information. In these five video clips, Lucy West and Katherine Casey discuss Literacy and Numeracy Content Coaching and the processes for creating and operating a successful coaching program.

These videos are intended to support the development of the personal and professional capacity needed to create a coaching culture in which every educator has something to learn and something to contribute to the collective knowledge of the profession and teaching practice.

Lucy West and Katherine Casey have extensive experience in supporting K-12 educators and school jurisdictions to develop the conditions to sustain a successful Content Coaching Program.

Coaching: A Theory of Action

If you have a clear vision and goals, an effective coaching program can provide the theory of action required to achieve them.

Length: 2 minutes 45 seconds

The Power of Modelling

As coaches support teachers to develop new habits to shift their instructional practice, modelling provides opportunities for teachers to see the potential in their students.

Length: 1 minutes 44 seconds

Building Collaborative Relationships

The most important thing in developing a relationship with someone is to let them know you care about them and are interested in what they have to say.

Length: 5 minutes

Role of the Principal

Principals provide the vision of what teaching and learning looks like in the classroom, and is the voice and champion for professional learning that is focused on meeting the needs of students in the classroom.

Length: 2 minutes 33 seconds

Defining Success

When we are engaged in the right dialogue and focus on the improvement of the essence of great instruction, we are going to transform schools.

Length: 3 minutes 47 seconds