Engaging All Learners!

Collaborative Partnerships

This PD resource is intended to provide supports for facilitators with activities and approaches that support a culture in which children and youth are equipped to overcome challenges and experience success in school. (Read more)

Facilitation Leadership Development:

Community Facilitation Leaders are engaged to become Regional Co-facilitators in the sharing knowledge and development of skills on Collaborative Practices with champions who will utilize this information within their communities. By participating in an informative, invigorating and inspiring Facilitators Leadership Training, two-day workshop on Collaborative Practices, community leaders will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to facilitate one-day workshops on Collaborative Practices within their communities.

Community Champion Development:

By participating in a one-day workshop on Collaborative Practices, Community Collaboration Champions are equipped with the knowledge, resources and skills to utilize Collaborative Practices within their communities.

School/Community Development:

Community Collaboration Champions facilitate collaboration within their school and community setting through both purposeful activities such as PD opportunities using the 11 Videos representing the various principles of collaboration.

The Collaborative Practices PD resources on this webpage are provided as an alternative for those who are unable to attend the facilitator training sessions hosted by the various ARPDC consortia sites, and place an emphasis on the Triple Ps for success:

Product: Products and resources will include the specific review of information for the Collaborative Conversations Facilitator Guide, Alberta’s Approach to Collaborative Practices Video series and the Facilitators Leadership In-service materials
Process: The process of engagement during the collaboration process through communication tools such as emphasized in the Collaborative Conversations Facilitator Guide (e.g. the Art of Focused Conversation)
Personalization: Of utmost importance will be the personalization of the material so that it will build upon the specific unique strengths and issues for each child within their unique community setting.