Supporting FNMI Student Success (with Debbie Mineault)

Reconnection: FNMI Relationship to Land and Environment

This session focuses on the challenges and successes of balancing Cultural Ways of Knowing with living in the contemporary world to enable student success. You will gain a greater appreciation for FNMI perspectives through the development of a culturally responsive classroom. You will learn strategies that deal with work underway for engaging FNMI families, parents and communities from this archived webinar.

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Handouts and Resources

Presenter's Slides: ERLC Webinar4 Balance of Cultures wiki.ppt
Indigenous Views: Science and Technology -
Rekindling Traditions: Cross-cultural Science and Technology Units -
Dale Auger Medicine Paint - Sharing traditional culture in a contemporary world through art
Voices of the Elders has many video interviews of elders that relates to the topic of Balance of Cultures. Search under Aboriginal Studies, keyword elder. Some suggested interviews include Urban Elder, Elsie Stenstrom, Raven Makkannaw, Frederick McDonald and Nancy Potts.
Research report: Investigating Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education 201009NicolArchibaldBakerFullReport.pdf

This resource was developed by ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.